Portable Blender Cup

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BEVVO from the United States has super-strong stirring power, no matter it is stirred for juice, smoothie or milkshake, it will not form lumps, and it will be more delicious when drinking.

The mixing time can be completed in just a few seconds.

Wireless use and a weight of only 0.6KG, it is convenient for users to take it out of the street and use it at any time. 440ML large capacity, one cup can have a very full breakfast.

Quick and easy to make: No matter where you are, you can easily make healthy drinks such as freshly blended juices, smoothies or milkshakes.

Upgrade your breakfast: Don’t have time for breakfast? You can create a nutritious breakfast to start your day, and you will feel full until lunch.

A good helper for muscle exercises: Say goodbye to your old shaker, and no longer be afraid that the D protein milkshake will clump. BEVVO only takes a few seconds, and there is no worry of agglomeration.

Full endurance: It can be used 15 times in 1-2 hours per charge, which is enough for you to use for a day!

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Product Name Portable Blender Cup
Broadway Code H217900-M
Capacity (L) 1L or below
Coating (Outside) Plastic
Water Dispense Method Manual
Water Level Indicatior Yes
Auto Cleaning NO
Re-Boiled Function NO
Safety Auto off YES
Safety System against boil-dry N/A
Keep Warm Level NO
100% full boiling N/A
Coffee Varieties N/A
Milk Frother N/A
Model 無線便攜式攪拌杯
Product Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) 248x71x71
Product Weight (kg) 0.6
Packing Size (Width x Height x Depth) (mm) 280x114x95
Packing Weight (kg) 0.94
Color Display Silver
Main Feature Wireless use and a weight of only 0.6KG, with super powerful stirring power, the stirring time can be completed in just a few seconds
Selling Point

Super powerful stirring power, fast and easy to make, full endurance, wireless use and only 0.6KG weight, convenient for users to take out of the street

Warranty (Month) 12
Warranty Coverage Hong Kong, Macao
Voltage N/A
Place of origin China
Sales Territory Hong Kong, Macao, United States, Canada, Unitedkingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Argentina, South Korea, Ireland, Sweden, Pakistan, Cambodia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Nepal, South Africa, Finland, Brazil, Nigeria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Israel, Greece, Austria, Brunei, East Timor, Laos, Myanmar, Luxembourg, Monaco, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives
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